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Head Trainer

Jill Hamilton created Millennium Farm with Nancy Thomas in 1996 out of a shared desire to provide expert training and care for show horses while providing personalized attention and customized programs for ambitious riders. Jill Hamilton has extensive "A" show success as a rider and horse trainer, which allows her to incorporate sophisticated knowledge with a high degree of individual attention not often found at training barns. 


In the tradition started by Nancy and Jill, at Millennium Farm Jill continues to manage every aspect of horse care and rider training to ensure that our human and equine athletes perform and feel their best. 


Sami LuBrant

Sami has been with us since 2014. She has broad experience showing hunters and equitation horses on the East Coast. Sami is an accomplished Derby rider, boasting multiple wins in National Derbies and numerous Open Hunter Championships. She helps Millennium Farm maintain a supportive and fun environment for our riders. 

National Hunter Derby

Whitney Stewart

Whitney joined Millennium Farm in 2020 and brings a fresh perspective and passion for developing horses and riders into their best selves. She has extensive experience in the Jumper ring. With a focus on the basics and a dedication to excellence, Whitney is committed to helping every horse and rider reach their full potential.

1.20m Jumper


Joaquin Padilla 

Joaquin is Millennium Farm's head groom and has been with the team for over 20 years. He manages our team of incredibly hardworking grooms who work tirelessly to give our horses the best care to ensure our horses are happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Adrian Delgado

Adrian is the man behind the scenes. Adrian can be found ringside at shows, ensuring horses and riders look their best. He is our primary hauler, bringing our horses safely to and from shows. Adrian is also willing to take on any task around the barn, always getting it done with style. 

Full grooming, horse

Equine Health Practitioners

Jay Reynolds DVM

Dr. Jay Reynolds leads our veterinary team, has been with Millennium Farm for over 20 years, and brings decades of experience. Jays believes each horse deserves the best care possible and takes a hands-on approach with every horse, working closely with them to understand their needs and provide personalized treatment. Jay is frequently on site with us, offering same-day care for every issue, from routine checks to emergencies. From diagnosis to maintenance, Jay provides exceptional care to ensure the horses stay happy and healthy. 

Dave Gillam

Dave has been a professional farrier for over 20 years. He recently joined the Millennium team after moving from Wellington, FL. He specializes in the farriery of performance sport horses and podiatry/lameness cases. Dave has worked with many top equine athletes, including several USEF Horse of the Year, WCHR Champions, and World Equestrian Games competitors. Dave graduated from a prestigious graduate-level course from the Royal Veterinary College's Equine Motor Research Program. Dave's philosophy is to work from a proactive position rather than a reactive position, allowing him to handle potential issues before they cause a problem.

Jessica Dugan DVM

Dr. Jessica Dugan graduated from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Jessica has spent over 30 years in equine sports medicine veterinary practice, serving the racing, dressage, and hunter/jumper communities in Southern and Northern California and Europe. Jessica obtained her certification in Acupuncture after completing a dual equine and canine program conducted under the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. She is keenly interested in blending Western and Eastern medicine to provide her patients with comprehensive, tailored, and integrated veterinary care. 

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